Commisioned writing.



commissined text for Low Profile publication

'Here's To Another Ten', published by ICIA, 2013



for 'Bring The Dead Back To Life' anthology,

Bookworks, 2012



For 'Don't Look Back', Platform gallery 10th anniversary

publication, 2010



for 'The Earth Not A Globe' exhibition catalogue,

Rokeby Gallery, London, 2009




Selected online texts and videos Links*



Ignite Micro-Lecture.

In Conversation with Edwin Burdis and Jamie Eastman, Arnolfini. Interview with Yvette Gresle on FAD.

Audience review of 'It must be told.' on Arnolfini website.

Barry Sykes Edit, Video Art selection for Charlotte Troy. LINK NOT AVAILABLE.

Interview for Hayden Kays' 'I the God' blog.

Exhibition Review of 'Recreate A Nervy Pistol? Exhibitions of the Week', The Guide, The Guardian, by Skye Sherwin. Artist Profile,, by Dani Admis. Keep Him Talking, expanded talks series- The Apocralypse - LINK NOT AVAILABLE.


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