Recreate a Nervy Pistol (An Early Retrospective)
Solo exhibition, Plymouth Arts Centre, Plymouth, UK, 2011

Above: 'Sociable Hermit' installation view (photo Anna Barclay)

I was invited to undertake a residency at Plymouth Arts Centre across 2010/11, with the understanding it would conclude with a solo exhibition of existing work and new commissions over the two floors of the Arts centre.

I chose to think of the exhibition as a retrospective of the ten years since I graduated from Art School, aping many of the museum formats of a more formal mid-career retrospective. This included working closely with the staff to develop an extensive talks programme, film screenings, resource area and family feedback forms.

The exhibition title is an anagram of the description in brackets, though audiences were encouraged to come up with their own in the resource area, that was also purposefully embedded in the centre of the show, rather than left at the end.