'An Introduction to Laughter Yoga', 2011, 2017 onwards



(Above: 'An Introduction to Laughter Yoga' in the Olympic Cauldron gallery, part of The Festival of Radical Play, The Museum of London 2017.)


After attending an introductory session of Laughter Yoga back in 2011, I am repeatedly attempting to redeliver thatsame class to audiences in various situations, from gallery and museum visitors to naturists and children with Down Syndrome.


I start by giving a short history of Laughter Yoga, from its origins in Mumbai in the 1990s to its use in numerpus environments today. I then explain my lack of any formal qualifications and what I'm attempting to do. Then we go straight into the series of exercises, from gentle movements to elaborate gestures, including: gentle breathing exercises; forced fake laughter chanting; laughing at yourself, each other and your surroundings; finishing with energetic, arms-aloft, bellowing hysterics.


To date sessions have been presented at Tate St Ives in 2011 as part of my solo Late At Tate evening ‘I Am Not Him (And I Do Not Have Your Pen)’, in 2017 at The Museum of London’s ‘Festival of Radical Fun’, with four sessions adapted for four different locations around the building: The Sackler Café, The Olympic Cauldon Gallery, Neolithic London and the recreated Victorian Pleasure Gardens; in 2018 at Oakwood Sun Club as part of my Radical Essex Artist Residency; and anlso in 2018 at Downright Excellet, a charity for families of children with Down Syndrome.

(Above: 'An Introduction to Laughter Yoga' in the Olympic Cauldron gallery and Neolithic London gallery as part of The Festival of Radical Play, The Museum opf London 2017.)

(Above: Tate St Ives, 2011, within Roman Ondak's 'Measurin(g the Universe'. Photograph Miguel Amado.)

(Above: Oakwood Sun Club, part of my Artist Residence in association with Radical Essex, 2017. Photograph Hayley Dixon.)

(Above: 'An Introduction to Laughter Yoga' at Downright Excellent, a speech and language charity for children with Down Syndrome.)



Classes last 15-30 mins. Suitable for all group sizes, ages and abilities.


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