Reasonable Images, 2015


A series of iPad photographs taken on my residency at the University of Bath. My residency was designed as a response to the whole campus, slowly narrowing down to a number of specific projects and relatiosnhips, culminating in the survey show 'Sociable Hermit' in their onsite gallery The Edge.

Early in my time there I began taking very mundane photographs of the campus with my iPad. I think I was trying to find meaning and experience in focusing in the overlooked, and unremarkable, views your eye might pass over unthinkingly. I then started seeking out these views, avoiding anything with any wit, drama, overt interest or rewarding focal point.

I'm still not sure what they are doing exactly, but I have noticed that there was something in all of them about the natural world affecting on the man-made, and vice versa.

They were presented on a rolling slideshow in the exhibition, alongside a selection of enlarged prints.