Activity (& Inactivity) Sheet, 2017'

Inkjet print on double sided A4 paper.

- Downloadable via the image below.

I was commissioned by the Museum of London to create two new works for their one day 'Festival of Radical Fun' that encouraged gallery visitors to explore the museum in new ways. Alongside four sessions of my 'An Introduction to Laughter Yoga' performance set amongst different museum displays I devised this take on the childrens' activity sheet but designed for any age to respond to. The various games are adapted from content in my larger 'Activity (& Inactivity) Book' that I'm always working on.

**For the duration of the current Covid-19 lockdown I have made the form available to anyone to download and print via the above panel. Try imagining your home is now a Museum of London! What does it feel like? And if you get something out of these free activities please consider clicking here to donate to Downright Excellent, a wonderful small charity, not far from the Museum, that my daughter Alice attends.**

Placed in the reception, cafés and restrooms of the Museum they offered various puzzles and propositions based around the consequences of pausing, detaching or switching off.

The ‘Activity (& Inactivity)…’ project examines the line between doing and not doing, productive and unproductive behaviour through invented or adapted graphic, text and drawing exercises.
They are based on the format of kids activity books and adult colouring in books but also informed by research into hermits, isolation, retreating, introversion, mindfulness, screen time addiction.

The sheet and book are both designed by myself using only Microsoft Word.

I was invited by the Museum of London to do a reprint of my activity sheet to put in an edition of Play Packs they were distributing to local children during the 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown. I rewrote it a little so it was less event specific, and would work anywhere. You can download that version below.